Partnership series: Routefusion & AFEX

Partnership series: Routefusion & AFEX

If you have read our post about how Routefusion began you will know that Routefusion is connecting the plumbing in the financial services space starting with the fractured international payments market.

One of our first partnerships ever was with an amazing and innovative company, AFEX.  AFEX is a global payment and risk management company.  They have spent 40 years creating amazing banking relationships and virtual payment rails.  Recently they have expanded their offering to include a suite of FOREX API's allowing companies to leverage the infrastructure they have spent a lifetime building and perfecting.

With the Routefusion and AFEX partnership, our clients have access to one of the best high value low exchange rate payment rails in the industry.  Through our partnership, you will be getting wholesale access to these payment rails helping your company move money all around the world with the best flat pricing in the industry.

The best part is AFEX is just one piece of the puzzle.  When you integrate with Routefusion you get access to AFEX along with all of our other partners that you will read about in coming articles.

Side note: If you are an engineer please read over our industry leading API docs at  We help your company gain access to the entire international payments market in one simple to use API.  Talk to you all later!